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Any Other – stillness, stop: you have a right to remember (LP ED. LTD) (PREORDER!)



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ANY OTHER – stillness, stop: you have a right to remember
Vinile bianco, 180 gr., ed. ltd, 300 copie numerate a mano / White vinyl, 180 gr., handmade numbered limited edition

Il terzo album di Any Other, “stillness, stop: you have a right to remember” in uscita il 26 gennaio 2024. / Any Other’s third album, “stillness, stop: you have a right to remember” due out Jan. 26, 2024.

Nota Bene:
– questo è un PRE-ORDER, il disco verrà spedito a gennaio 2024.
– se insieme a questo ordine vengono acquistati altri dischi, la spedizione verrà comunque effettuata quando verrà spedito questo disco.
– se volete ricevere gli altri dischi prima, vi chiediamo di effettuare due ordini separati.

Please note:
– this is a PRE-ORDER, the disk will be shipped in January 2024.
– if other discs are purchased along with this order, they will be shipped when this disc is released.
– if you would like to receive the other discs sooner, we ask that you place two separate orders.